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‘Thank you for making my life bearable with lymphoedema, I am in control of my lymphoedema and I know when to ask for support and who to go to!’

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Casley-Smith Technique

The Casley-Smith technique used for decongestive lymphatic therapy is based on evidence, logic and simplicity, making it readily applicable for treatment and self-management. The rationale for this specialized technique is based on research on the anatomy, physiology/pathology, imaging and treatment of the lymphatic system and its disorders.  The Casley-Smith training for lymphoedema therapists prepares them to become familiar with clinical reasoning and decision making processes in order to offer their patients  a customised treatment protocol. 

Self-management is key to successful long term lymphoedema reduction and is one of the corner stones of treatment with the Casley-Smith approach. It was developed and highly emphasised by Dr. Judith Casley-Smith whose work was challenged by the barriers of long distances facing Australians seeking lymphoedema treatment.   The Casley- Smith self-management program is practical, safe and uncomplicated thus easily adopted by therapists and patients.. The goal of this self-management regime is to maintain a high degree of independence and consists of an adapted version of manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, exercise and compression. 

Casley-Smith instructors are involved in research within the field of lymphology and are continually up-dating all courses with current evidence-based  information. The Casley-Smith therapeutic method remains a living and evolving process true to the vision presented by Drs Judith and John Casley-Smith. 

It is this freshness in approach that is so captivating with the Casley-Smith method.


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Self Management

Living well with Lymphoedema

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What Patients Tell Us.

'My fear of aggravating my lymphoedema is gone!'

– Samantha Warner

'Thank you for making my life bearable with lymphoedema, I am in control of my lymphoedema and I know when to ask for support and who to go to!' !'

'My lymphoedema therapist taught me how to self administer my tailor-made exercise program, which is a huge part of my life!' 'I am so happy to lift up and carry my grandchildren again!'


In Memoriam

Our teacher and mentor, Prof. Dr. Judith Casley-Smith, passed away quietly last week in her hometown, Adelaide, Australia. The Casley-Smith International sends its deepest condolences to her daughter Gini, her son John and her grandchildren.
Judith and her husband Prof. dr. John Casley-Smith dedicated their lives to lymphedema treatment and research and their life’s work has had a major impact on the lives of patients, doctors, therapists and teachers all over the world.

Working in a country with vast distances and scarce treatment resources, Judith was the forerunner in the concept of patient centred treatment including tools for self-treatment. Her concept was based on rehabilitation with strong emphasis on providing technique for self-bandaging, self-massage and special exercise for lymphedema, thus enabling and encouraging patient engagement, empowerment and improved quality of life.

Judith provided therapists with an essential assessment tool consisting of circumference measurement and volume calculation to discern lymphedema stage, severity and treatment progress. This tool has become invaluable for patient education, clinical decision making and as support for treatment coverage by insurance providers.

Judith trained therapists in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Israel some of whom she later trained as Casley-Smith Instructors. Sadly, Judith had to retire in 2003 due to health reasons but the foundation was laid and today there are 18 teachers, 4 trainee teachers, hundreds of therapists and an international organization called the Casley-Smith International offering lymphedema treatment and information based on the Casley-Smith Method of Lymphedema Treatment.

We will continue the legacy of Judith and John Casley-Smith through ongoing research into lymphedema and lymphedema treatment and extending the availability of lymphedema treatment based on Judith’s principles to all corners of the globe.

You will be missed dear Judith.

RIP and may your memory be blessed.

Jill Bracha
President Casley-Smith International

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