Introduction to Casley-Smith International

Jill Bracha, Rhian Noble Jones, Wouter Hoelen

Tribute to John Casley-Smith

Professor Neil Piller, colleague of John and Judith Casley-Smith, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

Lymphedema and the Pelvic Floor: All You Ever Wanted to Know and More! w/ Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco

Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, video for patients and therapists

What should health professionals and families know about lymphedema in children and young adults?

Dr. Rhian Noble Jones and Karl Hocking OT, video for patients and therapists

Lymphie Strong Genital Lymphoedema (2019)

Dr. Shelley DiCecco & Dr. Rhian Noble Jones, C-SI instructors providing a webinar for the nonprofit organization Lymphie Strong

Exploring Patient Perceptions of the Lymphoedema Assessment Methods

Dr. Cheryl Pike & Prof dr. Melanie Thomas, report of an International survey on  lymphoedema assessment methods 

Medical Practitioners Self-Reported Knowledge, Skill Level, and Confidence on Evaluating and Treating Genital Lymphedema

Dr. Rhian Noble Jones & Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, introduction into an International study

Pelvic Lymph Node Quantitative Study

Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, overview of a study on number of lymhnodes found in human cadavers

Aqua Lymphatic Therapy for Lymphedema Management

Dr. Dorit Tidhar, introduction to specific exercises in water for arm and leg lymphoedema

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