How to become a certified Casley-Smith Therapist 

If you want to become a Casley- Smith trained therapist, please look under your country. If your country is not on the list please send us a message and we will respond to you with possible options.

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Become an expert in the Casley-Smith method of clinical reasoning and tailor made therapeutic approaches for all lymphatic disorders. Be sure to know what type of technique and pressure is optimal for each specific condition


Become an expert in compression therapy by effective and safe bandaging, Pneumatic Compression Therapy (PCT) and Therapeutic Elastic Stockings


Become an expert in tailormade exercises and the physiological evidence regarding strength training, condition training and aqua lymphatic therapy

Free webinars 

Frequently check-out for our free webinars created by Casley-Smith intructors (a.o; About Casley-Smith International, Lymphoedema training in China, State of the art Lipoedema, Aqua Lymphatic Therapy, etc.)

Information on Casley-Smith courses, conferences

Find out more information on our regularly updated agenda!

How to become a certified Casley-Smith Teacher

Find out more about the specific requirements and training to become a certified Casley-Smith teacher!

What Students Tell Us.

Thank you very much for the amazing course, for the professionalism and sensitivity. I learned a lot.

Quietly and thoroughly, you delivered a fascinating course. You made a great effort to see and correct all of us in practical lessons. You are an excellent teacher and instructor.

Thank you for your professionalism, for giving out of joy and your constant guidance. During the course I learned a lot from you.

The knowledge and experience is evident in your special way of conveying it calmly and quietly.

Thank you very much for the fact that despite your vast experience and knowledge you knew how to deliver the course in such a modest way and to allow us to come and ask questions comfortably and freely. Your attitude and optimism towards patients amazed me throughout the course. Thanks for everything.

Thank you very much for wanting to give us of your knowledge and as much of it as possible, the desire to take advantage of every moment to mold us into the best possible professional physiotherapists. You have charm and are sensitive and proud of your patients. I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for a fascinating, interesting, enriching, professional and exciting course. And for the smile and grace.

Very glad you were part of the great team that delivered the course. This is an intensive course, yet interesting, instructive, and fun.

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